Everything you need to know about making and editing an assessment.
This comprehensive guide to creating and editing assessments is designed to give you everything you need to know before you invite your first candidate to take your pre-hire assessment. In this article, we take you through the process step-by-step, so you can quickly have your assessment up and running!

Understanding assessments

What is an assessment?
An assessment is a collection of tasks — compiled by you — to assess the skills of your candidates. It can comprise of individual questions or a guide on how to write a test article — or both. It all depends on you, your hiring process, and the skills of your candidates you need to test.

What should I put in my assessment?
The format of the test/assessment you choose to use is dependent on the role you’re looking to fill. We leave the choice of questions up to you, as every company has different requirements, though we do recommend creating an assessment designed to aim for the highest test-completion rate. The more complicated and comprehensive your test/assessment is, the less likely candidates are to complete it. Feel free to use Workello's pre-optimized template, balanced for comprehensiveness and completion rate.

Extensive research has been done to understand what hiring methods predict job success. One of the most important studies in this area is Frank Schmidt’s meta-analysis of a century’s worth of workplace productivity data. The table below, from the Harvard Business Review, shows the results of this study: multi-measure tests have the highest predictive validity among commonly used hiring practices.

Creating an assessment

To create your assessment, you must first log into your Workello account. Next, go to the Job Ads tab, and either Add a New Job Ad or edit your previously existing one.

Creating an assessment happens in the following steps:

Creating or editing your existing job ad
Click the Next button after you insert your Job Title and Job Description
Pasting the test instructions in the textbox
Formatting them
Click the Next Step button when you're done

We evaluated close to 2500 assessments over the course of two years and changed our testing process several times until we found the one that works best for us. Here's a template you can use, tried and tested by our content team.

Writing test template

For this test, you’ll need to write 200-300 words about the topic we provided in the table below.

_Basic Info_

Our client is Acme Corp — an app that helps users deal with everyday issues, from canceling services to setting up appointments and drafting contracts. We need you to promote one of Acme Corp's products (not the app in general).

The product you’ll be promoting is Standardized Legal Documents, which helps the users draft contracts.

Keep in mind that the articles we write go to our client’s website, so you should write from the perspective of Acme Corp (and NOT from the perspective of any third party, like a blogger, customer, etc.).

We will not publish anything you write as a test article.

_How Does It Work?_

To use this product, the user needs to:

Start the app

Enter the name of the document (for example, Lease Agreement)

Give the necessary details in the form

After this, the app will generate the document the user needs.

Here are the basics:

_What To Cover_

Here’s what you need to do in your article:

Write a short intro

Cover the topic

Explain what the doc in question is and when it can/can’t be used

List the mandatory clauses for that doc

Tell the reader how to write it by themselves

Explain how Acme Corp can help draft the contract

Give the reader a step-by-step guide on how to draft a contract with Acme Corp

_How We Evaluate Your Work_

Your article will be evaluated based on:

Factual correctness

How well it covers the topic


How well it promotes Acme Corp

Fluff (which should be non-existent)


When you're done, click the Next Step button.
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